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Hiya folks! 


Let me introduce myself. I am Diego and I am a Colombian Wedding Photographer based in Perth, WA.

My photography has been inspired by Nature and the essence of itself, it also has been attracted by people’s emotions, traditions, culture and behaviour.

Being a Wedding and Landscape photographer, I have been able to capture people and nature as one, connecting from a very intimate moment to an incredible and unique natural experience.

Photography is what I truly love, and I would love to photograph YOU, being able to create your own style, your own vibe and very important your own story.

So, please, let’s join me in this awesome adventure and let's get to know with each other!


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Hi guys, I hope you had enjoyed these beautiful stories of love, and if you loved these photographs, imagine how beautiful yours could be!

Shoot me a message that I will be answering all your questions and of course I will be so happy to meet you too!

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